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A tide clock is a unique type of clock that tells the number of hours which are remaining to low or high tide. The usual layout of the clock is usually to have high tide at the top and low tide at the bottom. The clock will have a single hand that will count down the hours until high or low tide while it moves around the clock. This allows users to immediately determine how much time remains to another high or low tide.

The majority of tide clocks can be altered so that they can be set to a tide in a specific location using tide tables which have been made for that location. This is often useful for supplying information in a area where many people need to know the times of the tides for instance a fishing port or a seashore vacation resort in which people need to be warned when it’s no longer safe to use the beach.

Different Styles

There are many different styles of tide clock and the

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A Guide to Bow Fenders

Bow bumpers have two primary uses, to shield the boat against the anchor as well as to protect it from the damage while berthing or mooring the watercraft. As the name implies, it is the bow of the boat that these bumpers are built to protect. The total amount of the bow the fender shields will depend on the size of the fender. Since the bow is regarded as the vulnerable portion of the boat so it is essential that it is properly protected.

The bow fender may be left in place when cruising which helps it to shield the boat from any damage that could happen from the anchor swinging in the bow. The most typical form of bow bumper is actually a V shape that has a bulbous section in the middle for taking in any impact, keeping the motorboat from harm. The bumpers have three holes which secure them to the watercraft, 2 on the top and one in the centre. The rope which is passed through the

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Choose Anchor Marine Fenders for Your Watercraft

Boat fenders are used to protect the watercraft from damage when it is mooring. The fenders absorb the kinetic energy of the watercraft and in addition provide protection for the berthing structure. Most bumpers that are utilized these days are mobile and they may be placed over the side of the boat when it’s approaching a dock or other area for mooring. They can be used for virtually any type of watercraft and it’s recommended that at least three fenders are used. There is no maximum quantity of bumpers that can be used but the owner of the watercraft is going to be restricted by the volume of space they have around the outside of the boat and the storage space on the inside.

Anchor Marine has been making fenders for over 50 years and all of their items are produced in the United Kingdom. The products are widely used by those who sail boats for pleasure additionally they quite popular

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A Guide to the Morso Squirrel Stove

The Morso Squirrel Stove 1430 is actually a multi-fuel stove which is an up to date version of the Squirrel 1410 and a great addition for the 1400 range. It features a number of useful functions which include stay clean glass which cleans itself via a burning and air wash method. Ash from previous fires is quickly removed from the stove thanks to the inclusion of an ash pan. The unit also incorporates heat shields that can be positioned underneath the stove and at the back which will totally shield the areas around it.

Morso are a Danish company which have been producing stoves since 1853, so anyone getting one of the 1400 range can be certain that they’re acquiring a high quality merchandise that is long lasting, resilient and will provide all of the features that they are looking for in a stove. As well as the stoves themselves, Morso also provide a variety of add-ons that complement

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